Are you tired of managing your WordPress website? Fed up with creating and entering your website content yourself and worrying about all the updates?

If you would rather spend your limited time developing your business, check what I can do for you.

Website administration – price list


Depending on your requirements and the scope of necessary work, you can choose one of 4 packages.*

* The above prices apply when signing a website management contract for at least 6 months. ** For each subsequent blog article ordered during the month, the price is EUR 150

Frequently asked questions

What is website administration?
Website administration is a comprehensive process of maintaining a website, which aims to ensure its security and visibility. Activities related to website management include: plugin and theme updates, WordPress updates, regular backups, SEO optimization, website content updates and entering new texts to better position the website on the Internet.
What if I haven't found the right package for me?
If you haven’t found the right package for you, please write to me. Let me know what you’re looking for, maybe I can help you :)
What if I just want to make a minor change to the website and don't want to sign a contract?

After completing and accepting the project, I do not deal with minor, ad hock website changes for clients who do not have a website administration contract with me. If you want to keep your website updated and regularly add new content or make other changes, but you don’t want to do it yourself, choose the administration package that suits you best. We sign the website administration contract for 6 months with a 1-month notice period.

If you decide not to use my website administration services, but over time you decide that you want to expand your website with additional subpages or functionalities, I will estimate the price of such a project individually :)


 If you need more information just send me a message :)