Trends in website design in 2023
January 15, 2023
Let’s agree right away – a website is not shoes, you don’t have to change it every time a new fashion appears on the Internet, but at the same time your website should not look like an artifact from the era of “the beginnings of the Internet”. After all, no one wants to use a site that seems to be visited only by mammoths! We are in 2023, and website design trends are reaching new heights. Fortunately, we lived through the era when everyone wanted their own website with spinning gifs and flickering inscriptions, but now comes the era of minimalist design. When you look at a page, you want to know right away where you are and how you got there, not wondering if you accidentally fell into some space-time vortex. But you know what? It all depends on the context and purpose of your website. Are you a fashion designer, artist, or maybe you run an ice cream company? Every industry has its own unique requirements, and your design should reflect who you are and what you do. If you’re a fashion designer, your website should exude style and elegance, not look like it was designed by a horde of angry hippos.
Of course, trends can be fun and eye-catching, but remember that this is your website and you are the queen of this digital kingdom. You can apply all the latest trends, but you can also do something unique that will reflect your individual style and character.
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Web design trends in 2023


Minimalistic design

Less means more! This trend has been going on for some time and still enjoys high recognition. In 2023, minimalist website designs will dominate, emphasizing cleanliness, simplicity and readability. You will admit that when you visit websites that have “too much going on”, you feel as if time went back to the beginning of the 21st century – this is not the effect we want :) A bright background, a lot of white space and minimalist layouts will help highlight content and increase page readability.



Small but mighty! Microinteractions are subtle animations and effects that enhance the user’s interaction with your website. These can be simple backlighting effects, changing the color of buttons when hovering over the mouse, or animated icons. Another popular effect is the subtle scrolling of text or images in specific directions, which gives your website dynamism. Thanks to such techniques, the website becomes more interactive, engaging, and pleasant for the user.


Subtle animations

Add some life to your site! Animations have been extremely popular in web design for quite some time now and it looks like they will stay with us for a long time. From smooth scrolling, parallax effects to subtle animation over text, the possibilities are endless. Animations attract users’ attention, add dynamics and help to convey information in an interesting way.


Video content

Bring your website to life! Video is becoming more and more popular in web design. Dynamic and engaging videos can significantly increase user engagement. From the background video to the video used as the main banner, video integration on the website is gaining importance and attracting the attention of visitors.


Asymmetrical content layouts

In 2023, you can expect more and more websites with asymmetrical layout. Instead of traditional grids and even division of content, asymmetric layouts add unpredictability and uniqueness to designs. These can be different sizes of sections, the use of non-uniform shapes or a bold arrangement of elements on the page.


Gradients and strong colors

Bold and exciting! Gradients will still be in fashion in 2023. Subtle color transitions add depth to the page design. In addition, bright and expressive colors will still dominate, adding energy and character to the site.

Want to know more?

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