How to increase website conversion
December 20, 2022
Today I want to share with you some tips for increasing conversions on your website. If you run your own online business or just want your website to attract more customers and generate more profits, this article is for you!

Let’s face it, if you’re running an online business, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your sales grow and your customers return. How to achieve this goal? There are a few things to keep in mind when implementing the right strategy. Get ready for a journey through the world of optimizing your website!

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Ways to increase conversion on your website


Speak to your target group

Match the content on your website to your target group. Get to know the demographics of your clients, interests, lifestyle and, above all, the challenges they face. The better you understand their context, the easier it will be for you to adapt the content to the expectations of your customers. Focus on how your product or service can help them in their daily lives, achieve success or solve specific difficulties. Build your message around these aspects to create interest and engagement.

Pay attention to the language you use. Try to use words and phrases that are easily understood by your target group. Avoid overly technical jargon that can be confusing or off-putting. Speak simply but convincingly.

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Use CTA (Call to Action)

A seemingly obvious thing, but many forget about it – use CTA buttons to effectively convince your website visitors to take the desired action. Be careful to place them prominently on the page. Focus on clarity and clarity. Wording like “Buy Now”, “Subscribe” or “Subscribe” is simple and concise, which makes things easier, but you can also be tempted to be more inventive.

The color of the buttons matters! Choose one that stands out from the background of the page, but also fits its overall look. The point is that the button “does not disappear” among other content, it is supposed to attract attention.


Get reviews and client references

Do you check reviews before buying a product or service? You’re not alone! Research shows that the vast majority of online purchases are preceded by a verification of opinions about the seller. Make sure to post positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on your website. Testimonials give the buyer a sense of security and confidence that your services and products are really valuable. Of course, reviews should be genuine!


Do e-mail marketing

Thanks to the regular sending of e-mails, you have the opportunity to establish closer contact with your clients. This allows you to maintain their interest in your brand and build engagement and loyalty toward your products.

Another advantage of e-mail marketing is the ability to personalize communication. Thanks to this, you can adjust the content to the individual needs and preferences of your subscribers. By sending personalized offers, recommendations, or information that is most interesting to them, you increase the chances of readers’ engagement.


Create a unique offer

Make an offer they can’t refuse. There are many possibilities – maybe a limited-time promotion? loyalty discount? or product bundles? A unique offer will create a sense of urgency and the need to make a quick decision. If the offer is limited in time or quantity, visitors to your website will be more likely to take action so as not to miss the opportunity.

Want to know more?

If after reading this article you have the thought “Oh no! If building my own website requires all this knowledge, the process will take me many months”, contact me and let’s talk :) I deal not only with the technical part of building websites but for many years I have also been involved in improving sales in businesses operating in various industries. I will gladly guide you through the whole process in a painless way :)

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