First website for your business and how to go about it
August 8, 2023

Are you thinking about the first website that will help you promote your business online, but the costs involved make you hesitant? Read this article to find out what your options are and which path is not worth following.

It is completely understandable that we all look at costs, an entrepreneur who is thinking about starting an online business but does not have a customer base yet is not sure if she can afford such an expense as her own website. In this group of beginner online entrepreneurs, two tendencies prevail a) they look for solutions on the Internet on how to create a website on their own b) if they don’t feel up to it, they look for the cheapest contractor

When thinking about your own website that will promote your business online, it is always worth making the assumption that your website will be the first point of contact for your client with your brand. You don’t make a first impression twice!

There are a few things to consider at this point. If you belong to group A described above and you plan to create a website yourself or “hire” your husband/boyfriend (because maybe he will learn something and become a web developer ;), it’s worth answering a few questions first.

Check out how to build website that attracts clients

Questions you should ask yourself before you decide to create a website for your business yourself

Do I have enough technical knowledge to create and maintain a website? If not, am I ready to take the time to learn website development and invest in online training?


What are my skills in graphic design? Will I be able to create an attractive and functional website design that I will not be ashamed to show to clients?


Do I have any idea about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will allow people to find my website on the Internet? (Yes, creating a website is not everything, you also need to position it skillfully ;)


Do I have time to create my own website? Take into account the fact that you will NOT be able to focus on your core business at the same time unless your core business is professional web development :)

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, then great! You are in an ideal situation – you have the time, skills and knowledge, so you can go ahead and create your own website. If the answer to any of the questions is “No” or “I don’t know”, consider whether this path is the best solution for you.

The second tendency, which I mentioned above, consists in looking for a website contractor who will create a website at the lowest possible price, or even for free in exchange for the opportunity to learn and build a portfolio. A cheap web developer when asked “How much do you charge for a website with an online store?” will answer “Dirt cheap and I’ll throw in a logo.” And it will be cheap. But will it be any good?

A website developer who charges 100 EUR for a website is not a professional contractor. Why? It’s a simple calculation, at such a price he will never be able to spend more than absolutely necessary on your website. You can count on getting a website made on a template that, instead of helping your brand stand out and attract customers, will make visitors (if you have any at all) go to competition that cares more about taking care of the image. There is also a chance that your website will not be on the template, but the graphics made “quickly” will bring associations with websites from the beginning of the Internet, when the user was not fussy about the appearance, but was happy that the website was working at all.

Personally, I am of the opinion that it is better to have no website at all than to have one that will hurt your image more than help. A real-life example, a website of a beauty salon made by the husband of the owner of the salon, who created the website for the first time. This is a salon offering services that are not cheap. The very interior of the salon is decorated in a very modern and sublime way, positioning it among clients who “have money” for treatments. And the showroom website? Well, it’s far from modern and sublime…

 When thinking about your own website that will promote your business online, it is always worth making the assumption that your website will be the first point of contact for your client with your brand. Why invest a lot of money in the appearance of the interior of a beauty salon, fancy reception, and the best coffee for clients, if the appearance of the salon’s website resembles a cheap online fair? This lack of consistency will cause dissonance and will not go unnoticed by the clients. Also, remember that there are at least a few companies in your immediate competition that have a very strong online presence already, aim for the best! 

All right, but what should a novice entrepreneur who doesn’t want to do a website on her own, but also can’t afford the high cost of a website, do? First of all, try to answer the question – what will cost you more in the long run? Will hiring a cheap subpar contractor who will make your website sloppy with poor graphics and lack of SEO cost you the loss of potential customers and image? You also have to take into account the costs of the subsequent redoing of the website. Look for a website developer that offers quality designs and the ability to pay in installments, or just wait until you have put aside enough money to invest in a modern website that will make your clients choose you over competition.

Want to know more?

If after reading this article you have the thought “Oh no! If building my own website requires all this knowledge, the process will take me many months”, contact me and let’s talk :) I deal not only with the technical part of building websites but for many years I have also been involved in improving sales in businesses operating in various industries. I will gladly guide you through the whole process in a painless way :)

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